3 Good Reasons Why Old People are Generally Happy


Do you know that old people are generally happy?

I know that mainstream society generally takes old people wrinkled, slow and feeble, wearing thick glasses, use dentures, and walks with a cane and an umbrella when outdoors.

Most people take them as lonely, hardly eat and sleep; can barely see and hear, very difficult to get along with.and very difficult to get along with.

Society considers them a “spent force,” or over the hill – too old to do anything worthwhile or engage in vigorous activities. They are better left alone in the confines of their rooms.

Nothing is farther from the truth, (watch video). In fact, seniors can be as bouncy as you, and probably even happier, too, in a lot of respects. they can be as bouncy as you and happier than you in a lot of respects.

They are not lonely and they can engage in activities you think they can’t, like Ilse Siegler.

Ilse is an 84-yr-old Chicago nurse whose husband died 35 yrs ago and still misses him a lot.

She has eyesight problems and is slower than she used to. But she still swims, runs a social group in her apartment, volunteers in a retirement home and is active with her temple.

“It makes life more enjoyable,” she says. Read more

Great Food Ideas for Seniors to Stay Healthy and Save Money


“You are what you eat,” is an often-said phrase among dieters and dieticians and is very true as you age and your well-being and quality of life hinges on the kinds of food you eat.

As we age our mobility decreases, our heart becomes less active, our senses become duller. All these changes affect our digestive system – digestion and absorption of food becomes less efficient resulting to either loss of weight or undesirable gain.

The bottom line? Elderly people become easy prey to numerous illnesses and medical conditions generically called “age-related diseases.”

Because of this, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, about 60% of home-care elderly people are malnourished or at risk of becoming one.

The big factor contributing to his dismal realities of senior life is cost. A lot simply can’t afford ‘signature” foods to stay healthy.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, however, thinks this is due to ignorance or lack of information. It does not take a fortune for seniors to get their daily nutritional requirements. They can easily and cheaply get these from at least two servings of fresh fruits, two and a half servings of vegetables, 1200 mg of calcium (through low-fat milk, yogurt or cheese), 7 ounces of grains (whole grains, not processed), and approximately 65 grams of protein.

To assure you get all these every single day, stick to these great food ideas:

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Warning! Food Supplements may do You more Harm than Good

dietary supplement

Do elderly people need food supplements?

The other day I met a former co-worker I loved interacting with. She’s the kind of girl who, if asked what an IC (integrated circuit) is, will talk about the subject from beginning to end, how it is made, its purpose, number of brands and makers, and so on and on.

That kind of girl (sometimes I can just imagine what her husband goes through in their private moments).

She left the company three years ago and has gone into MLM (multi-level marketing), selling food supplements.

True to form, she asked for a few minutes to discuss her business. I told her that I was rather busy. She went ahead, just the same.

She badgered me with her products, that they were herbal, that they are better than others. Then she cited a lot of people, foremost of them her mother, whose aches and pains disappeared after using her supplements.

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Elderly Poverty: Scary and Disastrous, yet Hidden and Forgotten



Do you know how it is to be poor?Tweet this!

It is to be without a choice. You eat what is on the table, if there is any. You can’t get far because you don’t have bus money; your basic needs are the most basic (if there is such a thing), and you have endless anxiety over unpaid bills, medicines, rent and other obligations.

If you are poor, your friends become as scarce as your meals. You wear the same cloths over and over again until they are so faded or in tatters, and use safety pins to keep your underwear in place.

Sound preposterous? No! I went through these in my late 40s and vowed never to go through it again. It would be like dying a second time

At 67 yrs old, I am not technically in the “poor old people” category though money is still scarce. But my excellent support system has made life bearable enough to be enjoyable.

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Warning! Are You getting Old?


Image: https://pixabay.com/en/man-bench-city-waiting-sitting-970350/

Yesterday I had a great time with three of my regular coffee buddies. One was a 62 yr-old lawyer, the other a 65 yr-old city councilor and the third, a 62 yr-old businessman. I am the oldest at 67.

By any measure, we are old, or, diplomatically, “elderly people.” We even have the medical conditions to prove it: the lawyer is insulin-dependent (he never goes out without his test kit and his injection), the city councilor goes for dialysis twice a week, while the businessman cannot pin down his specific ailment (he has plenty), except that drinking coffee and milk give him a bad case of diarrhea.

While I don’t have any medical condition (my daughter has grown tired of asking me to go for a check-up), but I have a maintenance pill for hypertension, and have made peace with the more-than-a-dozen body aches and pains I feel in any given day (I can’t go up or down staircases without handrails).

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3 Midlife Changes that can affect Your Sex Life


Is sex important?

You bet! “Sex is an important aspect of every relationship – sometimes even more important than we would dare to admit…Emotions will feed your soul, food will keep the body functioning, but there’s one thing that can feed them both at once – sex,” wrote Jelena Javonovic

As men grow older, however, sex takes on a new shape, a new meaning, probably new ways of execution, and definitely in frequency. Not, perhaps, because you have had so many of it to make it feel like, “what’s new?”kind of thing – but more of the changes imposed on you by aging.

Though a lot of middle-aged men will still claim to be sexually active at their age (more fiction than fact), but medical science says that male testosterone starts going down at 30. By 40 to 50, depending on one’s health, a man’s tank has just enough gas to avoid a crash landing or get to the nearest filling station.

Other than the pituitary glands testosterone-production capacity limitations, other changes will occur, physically, mentally and emotionally, that directly impact man’s sex life.

The three most common are:


1. Physiological Changes:
As men age, so do their bodies. They start having aches and pains, on top of other potentially sex-inhibiting medical illnesses like diabetes, heart problems, arthritis and many more.

Their knees, hips, and backs get in the way of torrid sex, their stamina can’t take them a few steps away from the starting line, and their huge bellies make penetration like going over a road hump.

All these may be minor things to more sex-determined guys, but can be inhibiting to most that they start taking sex more of an ordeal than a pleasure – unwittingly feed erectile dysfunction, a very distressing sexual health condition common among men at 40 and beyond.


2. Psychological Changes:
In their younger years, men took sex as an exercise of having their penis hard enough to get in, do its job, and then get out – doggie style in the strictest sense of the word.

For family-inclined guys, it is to make babies.

In both cases, however, at midlife they will realize that a really exciting and satisfying sex is not a solo performance but a duet. Feelings of intimacy drive sexual desire, not animalistic instinct.

They will soon realize that to dance well, they must dance together – one beautifully time step after another to the precise beat of their passionate love making.
And they will experiment several dance styles. They will try the tango, the waltz, foxtrot, and, for more variation, the Gangnam style.

They will experiment with other forms of intercourse like oral sex or the Old Man’s sex.

Story has it that an 80 yr-old guy was showing off his newly born baby with his 18 yr-old wife.

“Isn’t she beautiful”? he pointed at his daughter to his friends. Then continued, “And she’s handmade, too.”


3. Emotional Changes:
At midlife, man’s muscle mass softens as well as his emotions; as his belly grows, so does his patience (hopefully). He becomes considerate, tolerant, indulging, and compassionate.

Sex takes on a new personality. Rather than the fast-food he once took it to be now it is fine-dining.

He doesn’t do it often enough, but when he does, he does it in style – perfect ambiance, excellent wine, a violinist by his table and everything the house can offer.

He consults with her partner what she would like to order, and, while eating, frequently asks her endearing questions whether she finds the food good, or is it cooked just right, or does it suit her tastes?

When necessary, he foregoes his own pleasures so his partner can have more of it. He would even indulge her to a second or third serving, just to make sure she has her fill of passionate excitement.

Sex at the emotional level is the most satisfying, most lasting and most memorable. It is what solid relationships are built on. It binds man and woman together.

What’s your take on this? I am sure you have volumes of sexual experiences to share. Please feel free to do so in the Comments section. It will be very informative and entertaining to others.