Warning: Ignoring these Little Signs may put Your Health at Risk

She was in her late 50s and the Dean of the School of Nursing in a local university.

One day she felt a numbing pain along the sides of her lower back. She thought it was a job-related muscle spasm from too much sitting – nothing that pain relievers and liniment couldn’t take care of.

It did not. So she decided to go non-traditional, and started taking herbal
nutritional supplements.

That, also, did not work. Meantime she was losing weight, the pain becoming more intense. Yet, they never saw a doctor until she started vomiting everything she ate.

By then it was already too late. Her colon cancer was in stage 4. She died a couple of days later.

As I listened to her husband telling the sad story of his life, intermittently interrupted by strong emotions, I was torn between sympathy and disdain for such a monumental lapse in judgment on their part.

Considering she was a nurse and suppose to know better, after a week of incessant pain, they should have seen a doctor instead of trying a DIY cure.

Should have…

But aren’t we all like that? We listen to the songs of our favorite artists, the latest in gossip, in news about fashion and the trivialities of our favorite celebrities.

Yet we never listen to the tiny little whispers our body make telling us that something is wrong inside.

We look at the stars for our future, yet we never look within our bodies which determine our future.


They have the mindset, borne out of having lived this far, that “If the wheel ain’t broke, why fix it?”


My father died for not listening to his liver which was slowly eaten by alcohol. My Mom carried his gallstone pains until she got sepsis and died a couple of weeks later, and my sister persisted with her subsistence diet even as her colon walls were rubbing against each other making it cancerous.

Seniors, specifically, are known to exhibit unwarranted stubbornness when it comes to their health. They even give caregivers nightmares.

They have the mindset, borne out of having lived this far, that “If the wheel ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Well the wheel does get broke, and when it does, putting it back is very difficult, if not impossible.

At any moment, hospitals are full of old people because of this wrong attitude towards health.

Some of them are cured, but never healed. Nobody does. When you check into a hospital, never expect to be whole again. There is already a nick in the chain, which could cause it to snap anytime.

The rest never make it out. They get wrapped in a white sheet.

I saw it with my dad, my mom and my elder sister. It is not a nice sight to behold. It sticks in your subconscious.

Do you want it to happen to you? I’m sure not.

Given that we will all die someday, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can delay it a little further? Enjoy life more?

I am sure you do, and you can. All you have to do is to pay a little attention to these little signs that could mean a lot for your health.


Little Signs that could compromise Your Health:

1.  Stress:
At any given moment in a day, things happen that will stress us.

That’s normal if it is short-lived. But if it persists for long periods of time, it can lead to illnesses and physical and emotional exhaustion. Beyond that, stress can kill you;


2.  Blurred vision:
Blurred vision Is one of the most common age-related issues among elderly people.
Sometimes, however, it could be symptoms of more serious sight-threatening disease, or a neurological disorder.

Consult your eye-doctor to be on the safe side.


3.  Dizziness and nausea:
Another issue common to seniors is dizziness and nausea which normally comes with our deteriorating sense of balance.

But it could be early signs of migraine, effects of medication, problems in your inner ear, vertigo, or warning signs that something is going on inside your brain.

Get medical attention when you can.


4.  Bloated stomach:
This is normally experienced after a large meal that will just dissipate in a few minutes or an hour or so.

But if it comes with a fever, rashes, watery eyes and itchy throat, constipation or diarrhea, vomiting and many others, get immediate medical assistance.


5.  Chronic constipation:
This is characterized by difficulty or irregular disposing of stool.

Aside from making you very uncomfortable, it also predisposes you to a lot of colorectal disorders like enlarged hemorrhoids, to colorectal cancer.


6.  Difficulty in urination:
Difficulty in urination may be caused by the less serious UTI (urinary tract infection) which can easily be cured by a good antibiotic, to the more insidious enlargement of the prostate glands which could result to prostate cancer, if not attended to timely.


7.  Hunger, thirst, fatigue, blurry vision:
These are few of the many common symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Do not take these lightly as diabetes is a very expensive, debilitating, wasting, and a very lethal disease.

Some doctors consider heart disease more kindly than diabetes.


8.  Chest pains:
Chest pains are fairly common experiences among seniors. They could be due to a heart burn, or stress, which would dissipate when their causes are removed or are dissipated.

Bur if it comes and goes with alarming frequency, they could be signs of a heart disease.

Unfortunately there are more than a couple of heart diseases, each one with different symptoms.

It is very necessary; therefore, to know theses symptoms so you can better respond to them, should you need to.

These are some of the most common signs our body tells us. They may just be passing and temporary discomforts, or are telltale signs that your health is at risk.

Either way, never ignore them or treat them with indifference because your happiness and health hang in the balance.

Oh, lastly, constantly monitor your blood pressure and weight.

Excessive weight loss, say 10 pounds in a month or so, without any apparent cause is a good enough reason to see your doctor immediately.

High blood pressure is generally not cause for alarm among seniors. But if it fluctuates wildly, like a bucking bronco, be very careful. It could hit a high to cause an aneurysm without any warning.

I am one who constantly watch changes in my body. Shortly after my wife died, I checked into the hospital three times for shortness of breath. Fortunately they were plainly due to anxiety from my loss.

I even count the black spots on my face after having been operated on for skin cancer three years ago.

Where your health is concerned, never leave it to chance. You can save a lot of time and money, have a better health and live a little longer life.

Any comment. Please let me know.

Image: www.verywell.com


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“How’s your love life?” our Far East Director (from the job I retired from), loved to ask to throw us off guard or get into our nerves.

With embarrassment, we sheepishly answered, “It’s good,” until we found an antidote. After answering him, we shoot back in hushed voices – “Better than yours.”

That was the time when love was exciting, it was magical, and it was life-giving. But if someone asks me now how my love life is, my answer would be “Dead as a fish on pond.”

It’s not that I am incapable of loving. In fact two years I go I fell in love with a 37-yr-old woman. It was as wonderful as a shooting star streaking across the dark evening sky – and lasted just as long.

These days I have closeted love in the backburner of my heart and mind since my wife died more than 8 yrs ago.

I just want to have a respite from this “love” thing. Or maybe I don’t want to assume the responsibilities that come with loving someone, or fulfilling its obligations.

About a year after my wife died, my daughter asked me to marry again. Flatly I said, “No!” Not only have I any reason to marry again, but it is next to impossible to sleep with another woman in the same bed I and my wife slept in for more than 33 years.

I don’t want to go through another period of adjustments; of asking permission to go out with the boys, or making alibis each time I come home late or a little tipsy.

With my children on their own and I am technically a bachelor, I don’t want to surrender my freedom to another woman.

It does get a little lonely sometimes. But with the proliferation of online dating sites that make having a relationship or an affair a little easier and faster, love is no longer as crucial an ingredient for a satisfying and joyful life.

Surprisingly, my attitude towards love is shared by other old men. A lot of them also find it difficult, or refuse outright, to love or fall in love.

What about you? Are you one of them? Do you find it difficult to love or fall in love?

Does your love life also suck?

An article in Mail Online, by Ms. Liz Hodgkinson where she expressed her frustration for not having met a man who is “love” quality. She does not have high regards for men she met, and stopped short of saying that they suck when it comes to “love.”

Here are some reasons to back her observation. Check them out if any or some matches your own hang-ups about love:


Why men’s love life sucks:
o  After having several failed relationships, some male seniors become discontented and disoriented not knowing where they have gone wrong, or could they ever put things right again. They agonize whether they will ever find happiness in an intimate relationship again;

o  Older men are often incapable of opening up to women, as if they have forgotten, or never knew, how to love, or to fall in love properly;

o  Because of their upbringing during their adolescent years, they are often incapable of showing affection in their latter years;

o  Older men have outdated and chauvinistic views and attitudes about love and relationships which turns off lot of modern-day women;

o  With their children grown up and on their own, they find it needless to fall in love again;

o They love to hark back to the good old days when men and women have specific roles in society. Modern-day women would not want to fall into that mold again, and it scares a lot of men;

o  Older men are afraid to engage women in an open, often personal exchange, because their feelings have been buried deep inside over the years and are unwilling to bring them out to someone they just met.

You can wallow in self-pity over these or raise your hands in protest, but rest easy because none of these are cast in stone. Even if they were, incessant drops of water will leave its mark even on the hardest granite.


How to bring the spark of love into your loveless life:
It is unthinkable to live the rest of your life without having a special someone to talk to, to confide with, go out to dinner, or on a picnic.

Somewhere out there is a woman just for you. You will meet her in due time.

Just live with the flow. Don’t fight it. That is very stressful and, in the long haul, will leave you loveless and healthless.

Keep an open mind and never turn away an opportunity to strike up a friendly and intelligent conversation with women of the same wavelength as yours. Live and enjoy the moment. Don’t speculate or let your fantasies rule over good judgment.

Love is not planned, like a trip. It is something that just happens. It is not a
dollar bill you accidentally find on the street but something you have to work on. It takes time and patience. But it is definitely worth your while.

The saying “love at first sight,” was good when you were young and didn’t know the difference between love and infatuation. Now you know better after having had so many relationships and dalliances with women over the years, (and bungled several times).

The irony is that now you are stuck at home, lonely and miserable, yet afraid to fall in love again for fear of history repeating itself.

At your age, you have nothing to lose except a bruised ego. Go out and take a risk, embark on another adventure, seek the thrill of your life, fall in love again and see where it leads to. Who knows, you may hit the jackpot this time.

How’s your love life? Please let us know and we will tell you ours.

Image: www.martinerobertson.com.au


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