10 Essential Apps for Seniors

Aren’t people like Steve Jobs (may his soul rest in peace), astonishing?I find people like Steve Jobs (may his soul rest in peace) astonishing. Why? Because the world of technology seems to keep in step with their thoughts.

For example, in 1983, he predicted the evolution of a “new digital distribution system.” Ten years later, in 1993, the first PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), the forerunner of the smartphone, came into the market ten years later.

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Whoever said Parenthood is Easy


Parenthood is Catch 22

A thread appeared on my FB page asking personal inputs regarding parenthood – more specifically adult children/parent relationship.

I commented that it is never easy; that it is a womb to tomb job.

The author, brought up in a  Western culture, thought my idea was incredulous. Perhaps, but anyone familiar with Asian culture, will know it has a grain of truth in it.

Asian familial ties are lifetime affairs.

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How to Live Fully If You are a Diabetic


Diabetes – a daily struggle to live fully

If diabetes is a boxing match, I would be at ringside.

The analogy is appropriate without a reason. My younger sister and brother are diabetics, so are my remaining two uncles. More than five of the guys I play tennis with are diabetics. A cousin had his right leg amputated because of diabetes and a friend lost one of his eyes due to the disease.

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