7 Simple Ways to Enjoy Life a Little Longer

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Enjoying life

Do you want to enjoy life a little longer?

If you hesitate a little bit before answering, it’s probably because you think it is a ‘catch” or a “trick” question.

It is not but, no doubt, you want to live longer, and enjoy life a little more. We all want to do that.

You can, but it comes with a price. You can’t enjoy life and live a little longer simply by wishing for it. You can’t achieve them with a lifestyle that won’t support it; by being idle most of the time, eating foods that ruin your health.

Here’s a bit of good news and bad news, though.

The good news – you are not alone. In a 2010 study, it was found out that 30.8% of Americans between 45 and 64 are obese, of which 1 in 5 will die from according to a study published online in August the by the American Journal for Public Health.

The bad news – roughly 3/4 of the deaths in the U.S. are of people aged 65 plus, mainly caused by chronic diseases, i.e., diabetes, arthritis, kidney and bladder problems, lung disease, glaucoma, Parkinson’s diseases, etc.

Notice that these are mainly caused by lifestyle.

You get the picture now?

Yes, you can enjoy life and live longer but it comes with a price that you must pay now at the risk of dying sooner.

These seven simple steps can help you do that.

1.   Live Clean:
No, this does not refer to hygiene, but it helps. Regularly taking a bath unclogs the pores of your skin, making you feel fresh, improving your mood and enjoy life.

Living clean means eating the right kinds of food, having enough rest, avoiding harmful substances, like tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and plenty of exercises.

Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to ward off age-related illnesses, improve your energy and stamina.

Keep away from too much fat, carbohydrates, and salt. They contribute to obesity and may cause high blood pressure problems.

Living clean means getting off that couch and get physical. A 30-min brisk walk three times a week, or mowing the lawn, can keep away heart problems, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and depression, among others.

And they cost practically nothing.


2.   Visit your family doctor regularly:
Some age-related issues take a time to be felt. When they do, they are already of major concern.

You can avoid this my having a regular checkup with your doctor.

Don’t do self-diagnosis. Many people have died this way. But don’t wait to start feeling something wrong inside before consulting your doctor. By then, it would either be too expensive or too late.


3.  Have a positive attitude:
Growing old can make a lot of people feel the blues. They lose their purpose in life and feel depressed.

These negative feelings are very common and can happen to anyone. They can be due to unmet expectations, failed relationships, problems with kids, or career, and a host of other stressors.

But when they happen so often to become chronic, seek help immediately.

Depression is a very common problem among the elderly. If not attended to immediately, it can have very serious consequences, including untimely death.

Regardless of age, life has so much to offer. It’s all a matter of looking at the world with optimism, with a positive attitude.


4.  Exercise care to avoid injuries:
As we grow old, our sense of balance deteriorates, so does our hearing and vision. In short, we open ourselves up to potential injuries like falls – which is one of the major reasons for elderly hospitalization, or death.

To avoid these, make your home as accident-free as possible. A majority of accidents involving seniors happens at home for reasons that could easily have been avoided or removed with a little bit of afterthought and hindsight.


5.  Have sex:
Sex is good, sex is healthy, and it is a good exercise. Nothing but good, wild sex can make you enjoy life more.can make you enjoy life more than a good, wild, sex.

Besides, it contributes to your overall and well-being. Studies show that ejaculating at least three times a week prevents prostate cancer.

Don’t be skittish or prudish about it because everybody is doing it – even those with a bad case of erectile dysfunction.

These ED (erectile dysfunction) is no longer concern for sexually active elderly people There are now so many drugs elderly men can resort to, i.e., over the counter, under and behind the counter. It is all a matter of asking around. Seek and you shall find.

Be careful not to overdo it, however. Some fatal consequences have been observed, especially among seniors taking heart problem medications.


6.  Change for the better:
Doing a turnaround is always difficult regardless of age. Elderly people, so used to being who and what they are, will find things difficult, or impossible, to do.

They would say, “Why fix it if ain’t broke?”

But there is always something broken, i.e., relationship with spouse, children, neighbors, social circle, etc.

There are habits that keep you from enjoying life and living a little longer.

There are foods you must keep away from, or vices you need to discard and replace with something better.

Then there is the temper that occasionally flares up for no apparent reason.

Being human, we are all hobbled with all the imperfections that come with it. And if you take the time to do a little self-assessment, you will surely see them staring back at you in the face.

Now is the time to fix the wheel if you want to enjoy life and live longer.
It does not cost anything, but a full resolution to be a better person, a better human being.


7.  Put your affairs in order:
Put your affairs in order – if there is something to be put in order.

Draw out a will, or make sure your life and medical insurance are in force to spare your family unpleasant financial problems should you go unexpectedly.

Make peace with your God and those you have offended or those who offended you. Forgive or ask forgiveness.

Free yourself from any hang-ups or unresolved issues; open your closet to your spouse (if you still have one), give your children a warm hug and tell them how much you love him.

It is impossible to enjoy life and life a little longer if there is a heavy weight on your chest.

Since late 20th century up to, children mortality rounds have been going down, and longevity going up. People these days live a longer than their parents.

Sadly, deaths among people 65 years old and above are still high due to lifestyle related causes. Granting that the seeds of these were planted years before, there is still no reason to hasten them becoming full-blown diseases that can stop you from living a little longer and enjoying life a little more.

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