Welcome to Age with Charm, a blog strictly for seniors.

Age with Charm aims to help senior citizens enjoy their retirement days despite the many age-related issues confronting them. It is committed to giving DIY tips to seniors battling loneliness, isolation, medical issues, elderly abuse, nutrition, and health and fitness.

In short, Age with Charms wants to make the lives of seniors as enjoyable, productive, and worth living for.

I came up with the idea of Age with Charm one evening, many nights ago, while doing a personal reflection of my own situation, i.e., a live-alone widower with both my children married and starting their own lives.

It made me think of the many other seniors who are similarly situated, i.e., of feeling alone and isolate, of no one to talk to, of their own impending exit in this world of the living.

It made me think, “Hey, why don’t I do something to take their minds off their lonely and isolated lots; kindle a spark in their minds and hearts and make them lust for life again?”

Thus, Age with Charm was born.

Personally, before I turned to blogging and freelance writing, I spent many years in the corporate world, retiring as Process Engineering Manager, Far East Operation, for a large American multinational corporation.

It was the best 18 years of my life. The job took me places, met all sorts of people and cultures, interact with my counterparts in various parts of the world.

But the best I got from my previous job was that it made me what I am – a tenacious old fighter. Battered and blued, but still having a zest for life, which is rare among most people my age.

I still play tennis three times a week and do brisk walking in between. I lead a healthy lifestyle (except smoking), and I travel whenever an opportunity arises.

In short, I am having the best times of my life.

And I want to share it with you through Age with Charm. So please visit my site regularly. Better still, subscribe to my blog so you can get weekly updates about the exciting, yet bittersweet world of senior citizens.

Together, we can rock the world.


Joseph M. Dabon