I am a widower, a retired engineer turned blogger and freelance writer.

Why the metamorphosis or evolution? The answer is simple – I have to do something and writing is one thing I love to do. My writing may not as good as you think, but that is another matter.


But why write about seniors? Well, I am a senior and know how it feels to be one. So what better subject to write but issues I confront and feel each day – as most seniors do?

My freelance writing gig came about from a burning ambition (actually a need) to earn a living from writing. It is not as crazy as it sounds because a lot of people are making a hefty living by writing (I am not one of them, just yet).

On the serious side, I thought I should a earn a living from the wealth of experience I gained through years in the corporate world. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Yes, my work experience has endowed me a wealth of experiences in motivation, career development. process development, organizational dynamics and anything and everything that can help younger people advance in their careers, relationships and whatever else that makes life interesting and worth living for.t ever else that


Why trust me in writing for you these topics?

First, I am in my turf. I know what I am talking about.

Second, I know what good writing is, and what is not.

Third, I am a man of my words. My commitment is like an oath never to be broken or taken lightly.

Fourth, I can deliver. And this has been proven over and over again in my entire working life.

In other words, if you give me your writing needs, you have made the right decision You have put your money where it rightfully belongs.

If you need my services, please message me through my Contact page, email me at elderlytalk@gmail.com, in my account at Facebook, (https://www.facebook.com/joseph.dabon), or Skype (joesfortune).


It would be a pleasure to serve you.


Joseph M. Dabon