Do You Know How It Feels to be Old


To describe how it feels to be old can be very sketchy. It can be likened to the popular story of the three blind men who were asked to describe an elephant by touching it. It is all a matter of perception.

Aside from the obvious physical signs of aging, one has to be old to know how it feels to be one. And even that cannot be encompassing because different people age differently, hence feels differently.

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Do You Take Mid-day Naps? You should if You Don’t


No, the headline is not hype. It is to pique your interest on this habit traditionally thought a sign of laziness.

But before that, take note that this habit came out from circumstances found in tropical countries where the heat of the noon-day sun, and a carbohydrate-laden lunch conspire to make people look for a shade and have a nap.

I am one of them.

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Are You Getting Old

Celebrating life each day at 73!

I don’t know about you but, no doubt, I am old and getting older by the day. But, boy, so far it’s been so good.

Not that you and I have any choice.

I admit it was disconcerting at first. But when I got over that period of self-denial (after seeing wrinkles on my face, hands and arms), I thought it better to settle in for the ride and enjoy the journey.

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