Every Day a lot of Seniors are Robbed. Don’t be One of Them

Stanley Podolski, 88 with wife of 66 years, Eleanor, 85-yrs-old. - he foiled a fraud.

Stanley Podolski, 88 with wife of 66 years, Eleanor, 85-yrs-old. – he foiled a fraud.

Do you know that each year, hundreds of thousands of American seniors are robbed of their hard earned retirement funds

“Every year, hundreds of thousands of seniors are victims of fraud and theft,” says Ann Harkins, president and CEO of the National Crime Prevention Council. Then she adds, “Many Americans cannot ID the red flags of fraud, and they are not familiar with what to look for.”

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Discover How Sister Madonna Buder became The Iron Nun

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86-yr-old Triathlete: Sister Madonna Buder, the Iron Nun

86-yr-old Triathlete: Sister Madonna Buder, the Iron Nun

This is a story of the life-changing powers of the mind that can come to us anytime of our lives – even in later years.

Sister Madonna Buder was born Marie Dorothy Buder in July 1930 in St. Louise, Missouri.

At age 14, she decided to become a nun. At age 20, she entered the convent, coming out as a nun when she was 23.

She achieved her first calling.

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Raimundo: He Hang on to his Dreams for 37 Years

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His dreams came true after 37 years

His dreams came true after 37 years

Would you hang on to your dreams if you live on the streets, no shelter over your head, no means to attend to your personal hygiene, rely on the handouts of a few goodhearted passersby to keep you alive?

That’s a tough call, right? Pursuing one’s dreams is very challenging, often difficult even under the best circumstances. It requires vision, perseverance, tenacity, and a huge amount of luck.

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Renee Hendrix: She Gave Hope to Countless Babies and Their Moms

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What is your purpose in life?

I bet you don’t know because nobody else does. I practically spent an entire evening surfing for viable answers and found none (and all these time I thought the Internet has an answer to everything).

Since the dawn of Man, he has been looking for his life’s purpose. Except for a very few, none succeeded.

Do you know why? Because you don’t go out to find the purpose of your life. It finds you.

I had a friend and associate who was tops in refrigeration and air conditioning. But in the five years that we had occasional contacts, he hopped from no less than five jobs related to his expertise. When asked why, all he could do was smile and shrug his shoulders.

Oh, he loved refrigeration and air conditioning but his soul was somewhere else.

On the contrary consider these:

o  Shim’on bar Yona, was one of the hundreds of fishermen in the Sea of Galilee when Jesus found him. That led to his becoming St. Peter

o  Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis was walking along the seashore trying to find wisdom. Wisdom found him in the form of a child. That epiphany led to his becoming St. Augustine.

o  Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, was an Albanian Roman Catholic nun and missionary. Then she was transferred to India in 1929 where she stayed until she died in 1997. She became the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

o  Renee Hendrix joined the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) of WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia, U.S.A., more than 30 years ago. It made her the Hero of Babies.

This is her story…

Renee was born in Atlanta, Georgia to a devout Baptist family. All her life revolved around the Baptist Church that she was even a member of their church’s choir.

After college, she joined the WellStar Kennerstone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia as a surgical nurse. Two years later she was transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where her purpose in life found her.

Every year, 10 to 15% (roughly around 40,000 according to the CDC), of babies in the U.S. are either premature, have congenital heart problems, or other birth defects. They all end up in the NICU.

I learned from my daughter (an OB-Gyne) that premature babies have very slim chance of survival. If they do, most likely, they will have a lifetime of health problems.

This is confirmed by Renee who said, “Our babies are very critical, and we don’t know if they’re even going to make it through the shift. These parents, they don’t even get to take their babies home. [So] I feel like, if I treat their babies like I would want somebody to treat my baby when I’m not there, that’s the most important thing.”

Her selfless devotion to her job didn’t go unnoticed. A well-known brand of facial care paper product, as its contribution to the annual celebration of Neonatal Nurses Day (Sept 15), made a video of the NICU with Renee as the centerpiece.

To add icing to the cake, the company arranged a reunion between Renee and some of the families whose babies she helped nurse back to health.

Heartwarming reunion with some of the babies she cared for.

Heartwarming reunion with some of the babies she cared for.

The twin gestures totally caught Renee by surprise and overwhelmed her with emotion.

When she saw them, she gasped, “My babies!” “All my favorite people in one room!” Then the children held up photos of themselves as tiny babies in Renee’s intensive care unit and ran up to her to give her a hug.

One parent said, “She loved my child as her own.” And another, “There are not enough words to thank you for all you have done.” A father said, “Renee saved my son’s life, multiple times,” and another, “You are our hero.”

In between sobs, all Renee could say was, “I love taking care of these babies.” Then adds, “I don’t do what I do for any kind of thank you, but it’s a wonderful thing to be appreciated.”

Nurses in neonatal intensive care units, like Renee, have some of the hardest jobs in the world. Every day, they care for the most vulnerable patients in any hospital: newborn babies hanging by the thread. But the reward of seeing a child leave the unit and grow up happy and healthy can be worth all the stress.

Renee sums it all up by saying, “To work with babies you thought would never make it out of here and just knowing that you had a part of [helping them survive], it is just a wonderful feeling”

On a sad note: Renee has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

What is your purpose in life?

It is not something that lies out there, but something that resides within you. It is not an object to be held in the palm of your hand but a desire that wells up from the depths of your soul. And like a seed from the bowels of the earth that blossoms and grows into a majestic tree, it manifests itself through the things that you do.

A tree is not impressive by its girth and height but of the relief it gives to those who shelter under its shade. Your purpose is not for self-satisfaction but for the satisfaction of those who fall under your shadow.

Your purpose is not something you define, but defined by others through your effect on them. .

Please feel free to make comments. I would appreciate it much.

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7 Gems of Wisdom from a Sidewalk Vendor

I can still do it - 73-yr-old sidewalk vendor

I can still do it – 73-yr-old sidewalk vendor

I was having bouts of depression last week and told my daughter about it more as a way of letting go than for an advice. Instinctively she said, “You have no reason to be. A lot of people are in worse situation than you.”

Her off-the-cuff remark immediately reminded me of the sidewalk vendor I chatted with a couple of weeks ago.

This is her story…

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David Beckham: A Touching Encounter with an Elderly Patient and a Paramedic

Who is David Beckham?

He is a lot of things to a lot of people.

For those who follow soccer like a bloodhound, David Beckham is an English soccer superstar who played in several teams during his entire career, the most significant of which was with the England national team where he holds the appearance record for an outfielder player.

Because of his contribution to the field of sports, he was conferred the OBE (Order of the British Empire), by the British government.

For those who know him personally, he is simply, David Robert Joseph Beckham, born on May 2, 1975, married to Victoria, father of four children.

For the UNICEF (United Nations Indigent Children’s Emergency Fund), he is its long-standing Ambassador of Goodwill.

For the people of Tacloban, Philippines, he is a symbol of hope and inspiration to their battered homes and lives caused by Haiyan, the world’s strongest typhoon to ever hit land.



For an ambulance driver and her elderly patient, well… Get it straight from the The Guardian (theguardian.com):


He may be a long-standing Unicef goodwill ambassador who has been to the Philippines to see for himself the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, but David Beckham’s most recent charitable act occurred closer to home.

The London Ambulance Service has revealed that the former Manchester United and England footballer treated a paramedic and an elderly man to tea and coffee on Monday.


Thank you David Beckham for buying a tea and coffee for Cycle Paramedic Catherine and her patient #buyitlikebeckham


Catherine Maynard, works with the Cycle Response Unit, was helping the man who had fallen down, when she spotted Beckham near Endsleigh St., in central London.

“I was waiting with my patient for an ambulance to transfer him to hospital and although I was keeping him warm it was very cold outside,” she said. “All of a sudden, I looked up and saw someone who looked like David Beckham walking past us. He said hello and got in his car. I said to the man I was treating, ‘I think that was David Beckham.’” Ten minutes later, he came back with a cup of coffee for me and a tea for the patient.


David Beckham and Paramedic Catherine Maynard

David Beckham and Paramedic Catherine Maynard

“We were both very amused, and flattered. It was awful cycling around in the cold today and I couldn’t believe it when he came back with some hot drinks – I was so chuffed.”

Beckham posed for a photo which was tweeted by the London Ambulance Service.

Thank you David Beckham for buying a tea and coffee for Cycle Paramedic Catherine and her patient #buyitlikebeckham


Other Celebrities with a Compassionate Heart:

Each time we hear random acts of kindness from celebrities, people who are adulated by other people, it makes us, ordinary mortals blush with embarrassment or shame.

What makes their acts significant is that they do this away from the fanfare that accompanies their celebrity status. They do it at the spur of the moment.

Here are a few more heartwarming examples from people we never thought would stand up to the occasion:


Mila Kunis:
When a 50-yr-old man working in her home suffered a violent seizure after choking, vomiting and coughing up blood, Mila rushed to his aid, turning his head to the side to prevent choking while another stuffed a wallet in his mouth to prevent swallowing his tongue, which he had bitten through. When the paramedics arrived, she reportedly volunteered to ride in the ambulance with him. The man eventually recovered.


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel:
After returning from their honeymoon in Tanzania, the newlyweds took a visit to Queens and were seen handing out supplies to the victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


Jessica Simpson:
In 2006, when Jessica won a Chrysler Crossfire at the MTV Video Music Awards, she requested that the car company exchange her sports car for a minivan so that she could donate it to the Casa Hogar Elim, a Mexican orphanage that she visited as a child and continues to support. The next year, Jessica personally delivered the Town and Country van to the orphanage. She and her parents enjoyed a celebration with a mariachi band as they hung around to take pictures with the throngs of excited children.


The Family Hustle star was on his way to a video shoot when he heard that a man was threatening to jump from the roof of a 22-storey radio station building.

T.I. arrived at the scene and recorded a video message for the suicidal man, saying, “…Nothing is life is worth taking your life. I’m here to help you. Please come down to talk to me.”

After the police showed the man the video, he stepped back from the ledge and met T.I. in the lobby.


Johnny Depp:
He’s either brimming with goodness in his heart of bad rap happen to people when he is around. Consider these…

He’s shown up in hospitals and schools dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, saved a group of extras from being hit by a spiraling stunt car on the set of Public Enemies, adopted a horse on the set of Sleepy Hollow so it wouldn’t be put to death, and saved British musician, Stephen Jones friend from being mugged with a broken bottle in L.A., and gave a couple of homeless men he met in New Mexico a gig as background actors in his latest film, Transcendence.

When Depp saw it, he told the mugger to “back off.” When the poor guy realized who was talking to him, dropped the bottle and said, “I ain’t stealing from Captain Jack.”


Paul Walker:
The late Fast and Furious star Paul Walker founded a non-profit organization, Reach Out World Wide in 2010 and was the first to respond to the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

He also secretly paid for a $10K engagement ring for a young couple back in 2004. This was made known only after his untimely death on November 30, 2013.

Why did they do this?

They didn’t have to. They could just have easily looked the other way, like most of us, but they didn’t.

But they did. At the spur of the moment, they went to the plate to bat – without being asked, no cameras, no newspaper reporters, no paparazzi.

They did it simply by the dictates of their heart.

Shouldn’t you and I?

What do you think? Give me a spur of the moment kindness by making a comment.

Image: www.nydailynews.com