Surprising Things Seniors are doing that You Must Know (News – 4)

Are you bored?

Bored of doing the same things, morning ‘til night that your life seems to be on autopilot?

Bored with same circle of friends, talking and doing the same things you that you have memorized their favorite lines they have become part of your dreams?

If the answer is“Yes,”then it’s time to change channels. Take a break from your routine, do something different by exploring the world out there; find out what other seniors are currently crazy about. You will be amazed at what some of them are into.

For example:

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Breaking News: Seniors Given a Crash Course on Microsoft Word (Seniors News – 3)

Marjorie Anderson, 76, learning Windows Basic

Marjorie Anderson, 76, learning Windows Basic

Westfield, Massachusetts: A group of senior citizens were recently given a crash course on Microsoft Word by Business Technology students of the Westfield Technical Academy.

The collaborative program between the WTA and the Council on Aging paired eight students with 10 seniors for the two-day computer learning program – the first of its kind.

Marjorie Anderson, 76 yrs old, and one of the students said,“I am familiar with basic Word, I am here to learn more, other possibilities.”

The first day was devoted to creating posters and the following day on Microsoft Excel, the teachers said.

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Accused Killer of Two Seniors kept the Court Waiting (Seniors News – Vol. 2)


Travis Vader, 44, of Edmonton, Canada, accused of first degree murder in the deaths of two senior citizens, Lyle and Marie McCann in 2010, appeared in court late – for the third time.

This incensed the judge, Justice Denny Thomas, who warned him never to do it again because it has delayed the court’s proceedings.

His previous reasons were the mechanical problems of his vehicles. This time he said he was evicted from his motel room because the owners didn’t like the attention they got from the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), and their constant phone calls.

He packed his things and looked for someplace to sleep. He was so tired when he found one that he did not hear his alarm clock go off.

For those unfamiliar with the case…

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Elderly Man Assaulted in Downtown LA (Seniors News- Vol 1)


Elderly Man Beaten in Downtown LA, Allegedly By Mentally Ill Homeless Man

An elderly man was beaten by an apparently mentally ill and homeless man in downtown LA, Saturday (Apr. 3), afternoon.

Had it not been for the timely intervention of a security guard in Whole Food Market parking lot, who used a pepper spray on the assailant, the elderly man would certainly have sustained more serious harm. He is currently in a hospital in critical condition.

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