If You’ve Reached this Far, Celebrate. Here’s Why

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Celebrating life at 86

Do you know why you have to celebrate if you’ve reached this far? Because it takes a lot of hard work and a huge dose of luck to make it. In fact, many did not.

The average lifespan now, both male and female is 69 years. But how many of your boyhood friends, cousins, neighbors, work associates are still today? That you are is worth celebrating, isn’t it?

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My Wonderful Encounter with a Charming Kahuna

Kahuna Lobby

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word defined in Pukui & Elbert (1986) as “a priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession.”

More subtly, it is “an important person, the person in charge,” or “a very large wave.”

My Kahuna has, figuratively, something of both, i.e., it is magical, it is among the top of its kind, and its guest-friendliness is as big as a surfer’s wave.

What I am talking about is the Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, in San Juan, La Union, Philippines.

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3 Reasons Why Old People are Happy


Never been as happy!

Can old people be happy?

Yes, despite the image society has depicted them, i.e., slow, sickly, cranky and grouchy; that they are a complaining lot and could never find any good of everything.

Nothing is farther from the truth. You don’t become unhappy because you are old. In fact, according to cnn.com,

“As people age, they tend to become happier and more satisfied with their lives.”

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