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Welcome to Age with Charm, the blog strictly for senior citizens.

In 2014, there were around 46.2 million people in the U.S. who were 65 years old and above, or 14.5% of its total population By 2060, this figure is estimated to grow to 98 million.

In short, there are so many of us. And we all have concerns younger people don’t realize or take for granted. Some of these are:

–  Money

–  Feeling useless

–  Loneliness

–  Neglect and abuse

–  Health

–  Moving from one’s home.

These are very real and serious concerns for most seniors. Sadly, not many of them can address these issues on their own.

This is where Age for Charm becomes very useful for these people who are marginalized by society on account of age.

Age with Charm intends to provide articles that are informative, useful, heartwarming, and motivating so they can enjoy the twilight of their years with their dignity and self-respect intact.

These articles will be written in simple language and direct to the point to give our readers optimum reading pleasure.

So please follow us as we endeavor to make the lives of senior citizens entertaining and exciting.