For seniors

Enjoying life

Age with Charm aims to help seniors enjoy their retirement years, despite all the age-related issues that come with aging.

In 2014, there were 45.2 million people in the U.S. aged 65 and older – a figure expected to grow by 14.5% by 2060.

In short, there are many of us and more will be joining our club!

Yes, old age brings with it issues you never worried about in your younger years, i.e., money problems, medical issues, loneliness, failed relationships, etc. , but these should not dampen, or deter you from celebrating for having reached this far.

And that is what Age with Charm is about – to let you know that there is so much to enjoy and be happy about despite all the issues that come with aging.

Age with Charm intends to write about things that make an enjoyable, productive and healthy retirement life.

Yes, old age is not easy; there are challenges you are poorly prepared to deal with. But what the heck, you are alive and that’s what matters most for the moment. That is a good enough reason to be grateful for.

Age with Charm will not talk about ills and pills but how to cope with these issues. It won’t talk about how bad depression is but to laugh it away. It will not write about failed relationships but how to bounce back from a bad one.

Age with Charm will help you shift your focus from what ails an old man’s life to things that make it wonderful and exciting.

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