Surprisingly Simple Ways to Have that Remarkable Vacation

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Cooling off in a tropical island vacation paradise.

When was the last time you went for a vacation? If it was too long ago to remember, then it’s time to have one.

Do it now while you can. Going on a vacation and the traveling that comes with it is like a body-mind workout.

Navigating new cities, exploring museums, conversing with other people, practicing new languages, and seeing sights can flex your mental muscles, making your brain active.keeping your brain active.

And walking around city streets or museums, taking public transports and many other physical is good exercise.

Then, of course, the relaxation aspect, which is the main purpose of going for a vacation.

But things may not always go as planned. A lot of things can go wrong, i.e., missed flights, hotels below expectations, the weather is bad, and overshooting your budget, etc.

I’ve had so many vacations that went sour because of one thing or another; because I did not plan them well enough. And it can happen to you.

They gave me valuable lessons (and bad memories) and I am sharing these with you to spare you the anguish and waste of money.


1.  Choose where to spend your vacation:
With the ease provided by the Internet, choosing a vacation destination is not difficult. On the contrary, choosing one is a challenge.

There are so many things to consider like, distance from home, weather, places of interest, cost, etc.

My rule of the thumb is to get inputs from friends and acquaintances. Ask around. It is better to get it from the horse’s mouth than from well-written, and often misleading, magazine sales articles.


2.  Decide when to go:
This is often dependent on the purpose for taking a vacation – for fun or relaxation – and your budget.

Go on “season” months if you want to have fun. But be prepared to spend a little extra because everything will be expensive, food, hotel or resort, souvenir items, and the like.

You will also be pushing and shoving against other tourists for a place to stay, a place to dine, a quiet spot on the beach, on public transports, etc. But it will be fun, right?

If you want to relax, go on “off season” months. Everything will be cheaper plus the added bonus of not having to bump into people wherever you go.

I never go on “season” months. It defeats the purpose of having a vacation.


3.  Book a flight:
I always book a flight a lot way ahead than choosing a place to stay to avail of airline promos which have become common these days with the increasing penchant for people to travel.

The downside of this strategy is you won’t get a refund in case you miss the scheduled departure. It is kind of “all or nothing” deal.


4.  Choose a place to stay:
Like choosing a place to vacation in, choosing a place to stay has become easy with so many travels cluttered across the Web.

Go through travel sites that offer lower rates for the same hotel or resort. Note down their contact details, i.e., email address, web URL, and telephone numbers.

Then check amenities to see if they offer everything to make your vacation remarkable and the Reviews section.

I go for hotels or resorts with a strong wifi signal in the rooms and a large swimming pool 

Read as many reviews as you can to have a good balance between the Pros and Cons. People have different taste. Give emphasis on reviews similar to yours.

Once you have decided on a hotel or resort, give them a call or book your reservation yourself. Don’t do it online through travels sites. They may not be updated and you may not get seniors citizen discount privileges. It happened to me with during my last travel.from travel sites because they could not be current and you may not get senior citizen privileges. It happened to me with in my last travel.


5. Make necessary preparations:
Even if your scheduled departure is weeks or months ahead, it is better to start making preparations. Play them inside your head over and over again. In time, you will add or remove some items from your list of things to bring along.

Make a list of things and garments to bring along. No sense in bringing heavy clothing if you are going to the tropics and vice-versa. Never forget toiletries, undergarments, medicines, telephone numbers of family and close relatives or friends you can call in case of emergency.

Make sure your credit card can cover the trip or your bank account have enough funds to cover shortfalls if any.

Familiarize yourself with the place you are going to, and the hotel or resort you are going to stay. Know the directions in getting there and how. Read about the climate, the food, the culture and, most of all, the people -whether they are friendly and helpful or run away with your baggage. If possible, know the crime rates so you won’t fall victim to scam artists of crime syndicates.

This part of your vacation plans is the most crucial. It can make it memorable or nightmarish.

As people retire, they get bitten by the travel bug. A study was done by the AARP showing that 55% of American retirees want to go on a domestic travel, 44% both domestic and foreign, while 3% plan to travel abroad.

It is very heartwarming to know that seniors these days no longer want to lead sedentary lives their counterparts did a few years back had.

Neither should you.

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