How to Live Fully If You are a Diabetic


Diabetes – a daily struggle to live fully

If diabetes is a boxing match, I would be at ringside.

The analogy is appropriate without a reason. My younger sister and brother are diabetics, so are my remaining two uncles. More than five of the guys I play tennis with are diabetics. A cousin had his right leg amputated because of diabetes and a friend lost one of his eyes due to the disease.

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How to Be Fit and Healthy Supplement-free

69-yr-old lapping it up at the pool

Can you be fit and healthy without nutritional supplements?

Yes, you can!

Mbah Gotho was born when there were no food supplements. In fact vitamins and mineral were unheard of when he was born on December 31, 1870 in rural Indonesia.

Now he is 145 yrs old (probably the oldest man alive) and, except for a bit of hearing loss, can still move around by himself.

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Cheatsheet for Seniors with Heart Disease


heart attack

Oh,God, my chest hurts

Is there a member of your family who has had a bypass operation? A friend, or you, maybe?

Then you must know it is something they (or you), don’t want to go through again, right?

The entire process, from pre-op preparation to post-op rehabilitation, is a series of tests, of prepping you up before you go under the knife, to making a new life of dos and don’ts after.

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Exercise: The Fun and Invigorating way of Growing Old

Have you seen a senior citizen doing tai chi looking grouchy and grumpy at the same time?

Or crying while he’s brisk walking; or bitching about life while putting his loving touch to his flower garden?

I am sure not. It’s like salt sprinkled on the icing of a yummy hazelnut chocolate cake.

It’s because exercise, or any physical activity, has the transforming power of making a lethargic and boring day to a sweat-drenched and invigorating one.

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