If You’ve Reached this Far, Celebrate. Here’s Why

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Celebrating life at 86

Do you know why you have to celebrate if you’ve reached this far? Because it takes a lot of hard work and a huge dose of luck to make it. In fact, many did not.

The average lifespan now, both male and female is 69 years. But how many of your boyhood friends, cousins, neighbors, work associates are still today? That you are is worth celebrating, isn’t it?

The other day, over lunch, my son (he was celebrating his birthday) commented, through Facebook,  how his former classmates are doing. Wryly I said, “Lucky you to read of your friends on FB. I read of mine in obituaries.”

I was not kidding. For example, yesterday I was told that one of my tennis buddies, 72 yrs old, died of throat cancer. A week ago, I attended the wake of a close friend and relative who died in his sleep. He was 80 plus. Before that, a former colleague died of liver cancer a few days short of his 70th birthday, and before that, another friend died from cardiac arrest at 75.

I am sure you have the same experience among people you knew or close to you. It is so common and sad it sometimes makes you wonder, “Am I next?”

It is uncertain. What is certain is that you are still standing and that is worth celebrating. Celebrate your old age so that when your time is up, you can go cheerfully knowing that you lived fully, loved warmly, laughed heartily and did unexpected and crazy things you never did before.

Leon Trotsky said, “Old age is the most unexpected of all things that happen to a man.”

I am not sure what he meant by this because old age is inevitable. What is unexpected is how you live out your old age. Some never get to enjoy it because of serious medical issues. Most, however, do. In fact, A few, are unexpectedly over-active.

If you are one of them, celebrate. Old age is the best time in one’s life. It is the time when you can get away with anything (except murder); the time when…

o  You can now allow your wife to go wherever she wants to, as long as you don’t have to go along;

o  You can ogle at all the young girls passing by and get away with it because of your age;

o  You can feign hearing loss to hear what your family is saying about you;

o  You can live without sex, but not for lack of trying;

o  You can wear your old clothes because they are back in style.

You can do whatever you want, including a sick sense of humor, and get away with it due to that “second childhood” thing.

But in your moments of lucidity, you still have a lot of good reasons to celebrity old age. Here are three of them…

3 Good Reasons Why Celebrate Old Age:

1.  For Good Parenting:

Any parent can attest that parenting is not a walk in the park. It is a thankless, womb to tomb job.

You bring them to this world, raise them, feed them, educate them and, after all you’ve gone through, they leave without saying, “Goodbye, thank you.”

But your children did not. They grew old with you and have become responsible and productive adults. You are proud of them, treasure them. And you must celebrate for that.


2.  For becoming a grandparent:

My two children haven’t made me a grandfather yet, but I can still remember the pampering I got from my late grandmother.

For that, I get constantly ribbed by my granddad friends for not experiencing one of the greatest pleasures in being old – grandchildren.

They gush with unreasonable excitement when they talk of theirs. They say that the joy of having a grandchild is par to none.

I am sure you know how it feels. You must be pampering them and treating them in ways you never had the opportunity of giving to your own children. I am sure deep down, your heart celebrates each time you talk them for a walk. a ride in the circus, put them on your lap and read them stories, or tuck them in bed at night.

That is worth celebrating, isn’t it?


3. From the freedom of the hassles of adult life:

Old age brings some freedom from things that bedeviled you in adult life.

You are freed from the rigors of your eight to five routine, of children’s education expenses, some mortgage payments, buying an expensive wardrobe, or keeping up with the Jones’s.

In old age, you are free to live life your way, i.e., skip baths for days or weeks, get rid of your razor, eat anything you want to eat, or go where you want to go. You can even make a total ass or yourself.

Louis Kronenberg said, “Old age is an excellent time for outrage. My goal is to say or do one outrageous thing every week.” 

You don’t have to be Louis but nothing is stopping you from doing something outrageous once in a while provided it is within the norms of sanity, safety, and decency.

Isn’t it worth celebrating?

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